System Gas Boilers

How do system boilers work?

System boilers provide hot water directly to your central heating system and they produce hot water for a sealed storage cylinder within your home. Like a conventional boiler, they store hot water. However, unlike a conventional boiler, they take their water directly from the mains rather than from a tank in the loft. This means they take up less space.

All heating and hot water components in our system boilers are contained within one compact arrangement. The only external part of the system is the cylinder that stores the hot water. This makes the systems tidier and it also means that installation and servicing is easier and more efficient.

Because they feature a storage tank, system boilers give you a greater hot water capacity than combi boilers. They allow you to use multiple taps or showers at the same time without experiencing a reduction in pressure. This means the appliances are ideal for large or busy households with more than one bathroom. Another feature of system boilers is that they provide water at higher pressure than conventional boilers.