My fireplace is off-centre, what fireplace can I choose?

When a fireplace is off-centre Newbridge Heating Centre can install a new fireplace in a variety of ways. Nowadays 99% of all off-centre fireplaces can be catered for. This can be done through any of the following methods.

1. We can move a fireplace opening by 3 or 4 inches either to the left or right depending which side is off centre. This can be done without affecting the flue, which means that the fireplace can still be used for solid fuel or a gas fire.

2. We can extend your chimney-breast on the shorter side so as to balance out the fireplace symmetrically. This option could mean losing space from your room and is therefore a decision for you the customer. Please note that there is an extra charge for a chimney-breast extension. The fireplace installation in this case will normally take a full day to complete.

3. If you wish to centre your fireplace without any extra disruption to the chimney-breast, you can choose a slim-line electric fire, which can be placed exactly to the centre of the breast. Please note that if choosing this option the back panel/inset must be a flat marble/granite/cast-iron type, so as to incorporate the slim line electric fire. This fire is only used for aesthetic purposes.

4. Modifying the chimney flue path can also centre your fireplace. In this instance your fireplace opening can still be used for a solid fuel/coal or gas fire. This method takes approximately 2 days and must be carried out by a chimney specialist. A Newbridge Heating Centre consultant can advise you on this during a site survey.

Should you not wish to centre your fireplace, you can keep it off-centre and modify an existing design to a larger off-centre one. Please note that prices would vary for this option.

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