Dru Gas Fires

The perfect interplay between style, function and reliability.

For every gas fire we design, we imagine the role that it plays in the lives of our customers. An ideal experience of warmth, atmosphere and comfort. New sustainable gas fires offer innovations in energy savings or the use of propane has. The combination of a heat pump with a gas fire is also sustainable and future proof alternative. A heat pump provides the basic heat and using the gas fire for additional heating keeps you warm on cold winter days.

Gas fires bring warmth and a pleasant ambiance into your living room, making you feel at home. A gas fire is safe, clean and simple. With a gas fire, you never need to buy wood to heat your home in an efficient and agreeable way.

DRU gas fires are available in all types, styles and models. The latest generation of gas fires have high heat outputs, are environmentally friendly and easy to operate. Explore the options and discover the gas fire best suited to your home.