City Grundi Mini Wood Burning Stove

Despite its small footprint of just 0.25 square meters, the City Grundi Mini is a real basic stove and therefore a reliable source of heat, whose healthy radiant heat has the same beneficial properties as that of the sun. Due to its small dimensions, it can also remain your companion when moving house.

The domestic fuel wood enables almost CO 2 -neutral heating, since its combustion only releases the amount of CO 2 that the wood absorbed from the air during its growth in the forest. The reduced, almost strict form of this fire monolith fits into any living environment, no matter how individual.

Fronts are available in ceramic, natural stone or plaster.

Key Facts

Brand Spartherm
Rated heat output 2.2KW/h
Height 1,310mm
Width 590mm
Depth 400mm
Viewing window H x W 225x335mm
Fuel throughput 2.4 kg/hr
Log length, max. 330mm
Weight without front kg 340kg