Heta Baking Stoves

Your HETA stove can be used for more than just generating heat. The smell of freshly baked bread is divine, and by using HETA’s modern thermal mass stoves and baking stoves you can take advantage of the heat and enjoy the smell in your living room. You can bake rolls, bread and cakes.

You can also roast a chicken and a steak, make salty almonds and bake a pizza in your HETA baking stove, and stay warm at the same time. A HETA baking stove gives you unmatched possibilities and a unique food experience stimulating all your senses. Feel the heat from the large viewing window of the stove and enjoy the dancing flames. Listen to the mesmerising sound of burning wood, smell and taste the food. The stove’s position as the hub of the room is intensified by the senses traveling.