Riva2 750HL Evoke Glass Gas Fires

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Featuring a white or black glass front with a bevelled steel rear section in graphite, the Gazco Riva2 750HL Evoke Glass is a multi-faceted design made up of two parts. The rear section can be customised with Ivory to enable you to create a truly bespoke gas fire for your home.

The conventionally flued Riva2 750HL gas fire is designed to fit into standard 36” chimney openings and requires no additional flue liner when installed into a traditional masonry chimney, facilitating a simpler and more cost effective installation. For homes without a chimney, the balanced flue version uses a twin-walled pipe going to the exterior of your property, removing gases whilst providing combustion air to the fire.

With a beautiful log design and a highly realistic glowing ember bed, this highly efficient gas fire can be enjoyed from the comfort of the armchair or the sofa using Gazco Programmable Thermostatic remote control, which is supplied as standard.

Further extending appeal and styling options, both conventional and balanced flue versions have a choice of five attractive linings: Black Glass, Ledgestone Effect, Fluted Vermiculite, Black Reeded and Brick effect.

Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Fuel Bed Logs
Linings Brick effect, Black Glass, Ledgestone Effect, Fluted Vermiculite & Black Reeded
Command Controls Programmable Thermostatic remote control
Conventional Flue Yes
Balanced Flue Yes
No additional flue liner required Yes
Non-reflective glass front Yes

Riva2 750HL Evoke Glass Information

Fire Choices Efficiency Energy Efficiency Class Heat Output Width Height Depth
Riva2 750HL – Conventional Flue 81% C 6.9kW 1117mm 1034mm 42mm
Riva2 750HL – Balanced Flue 92% A 7kW 1117mm 1034mm 42mm

* No additional flue liner required when installed into an existing masonry chimney only.

Riva2 750HL Gas Fires Video