The Faber e-MatriX series

Top of the range built-in electric fireplaces

Sustainable housing and a future-proof lifestyle; that’s the modern-day motto. The e-MatriX is proof that you don’t need to give up the cosiness of a fire. Without needing a gas connection or chimney, this electric version of the Faber MatriX gives you all the warmth of a fireplace in your home. Stylish, cosy and future-proof.

The electric e-MatriX series has an enchantingly convincing rich fire experience with its flickering cold water vapour and low-energy (LED) lighting. You choose whether you want the powerful heating unit to also radiate a comfortable warmth. You can even hear the crackling sound of a fire. Just what you’d expect from a real log fire, but without the traditional restrictions and limitations. Even the controls are the epitome of comfort: a remote control or handy app on your own smartphone or tablet. Thanks to a wide range of models and sizes, the e-Matrix fireplace can always be geared to your interior design and personal taste.