Central Heating System Flushing

Did you know that from the very first day that your central heating is installed its efficiency starts to drop. It has been calculated that within a few months the system can lose 10% of its efficiency. When copper pipe is exposed to hot water a chemical reaction takes place that produces a black substance called Magnetite. This circulates around the central heating system and eventually settles in the radiators, this seriously affects the performance of the system and can in many cases lead to boiler failure. This can be very expensive to repair.

Magna Cleanse Flushing is the only guaranteed method to clean the system and restore it to its original condition. In many cases people have replaced boilers and carried costly work to central heating systems, which have made little or no improvement in performance.

We at Newbridge Heating Centre can remove undesirable corrosion residues and replace aggressive water, quickly restoring circulation and efficiency, and preventing future problems.

The Problems:

  • Without treatment, corrosion debris will accumulate in the boiler causing increasing limescale, reduce heat transfer and up to a third of a fuel bill going to complete waste
  • The familiar cool low central area of a radiator indicates a build-up of black sludge sediment that restricts flow and reduces heat.
  • When the top of a radiator is cold during operation, either air or hydrogen is to blame. Hydrogen gas builds up as a by-product of electrolyitic corrosion and is flammable.
  • The abrasive and magnetic properties of black oxide sludge increase shaft and bearing wear in pumps causing them to stick or fail.

MagnaCleanse represents a breakthrough in power-flushing and is suitable for all domestic central heating systems. Newbridge Heating recommends it as best practice in ongoing system maintenance and protection. It delivers immediate benefits for installer and homeowner.

MagnaCleanse is the latest central heating system flushing breakthrough from the pioneers of magnetic filtration and the award winning MagnaClean technology.

MagnaCleanse transforms traditional power-flushing practice. It is now possible to carry out a routine system flush in as little as just two hours. It delivers effective results with ongoing central heating system protection. The benefits are tangible and immediate:

Benefits of Magna Cleanse Flushing:

  • Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass
  • System flushing could now be achieved in as little as TWO hours
  • Effective system flushing results with ongoing protection
  • Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
  • Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process –   More effective!
  • Saves water – Disposal ONLY at the end of the process
  • Effective, ongoing protection for the boiler for improved performance and efficiency

While conventional power-flushing is extremely effective when carried out by a qualified engineer, it’s a fact that the build-up of iron oxide is an ongoing issue within the system. MagnaCleanse delivers an extremely effective solution because it not only removes just as much sludge from the system in the majority of cases, it also provides ongoing lifetime protection with the installation of a MagnaClean domestic filter.

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