Case Study

In this case study, we are looking at the DG InStyle Tunnel. The pictures will take you from the modifications to the chimney breast to complete install of the fire and surround on both sides. As you can see one side is facing into a living area while the other is in a dining/kitchen area. The tunnel is equipped with one control handle on both sides which allows you to control the air equally into the fire from both rooms. In the living area, we supplied a fire place whit stunning quality’s that compliments the room entirely. In the dining/kitchen area the customer wanted a brick finish with a modern feel. Both rooms are finished with a feature that exceeds the customers’ expectations which for NHC is a job well done.

There are many intricate features with this installation such as a custom recess on the fireplace side. This design allowed a minimal recess on the kitchen side which was welcome due to the large depth of the chimney structure. This feature is almost unidentifiable upon completion of works which we love.

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